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Is it Okay to Decorate My House While Selling This Halloween?

The Steve Kettelle team

Crunchy leaves, ghosts, candy, gourds, and pumpkin spice things are all associated with autumn... and hmmm yes! Halloween! If you are potentially looking to sell your house this Halloween, maybe you’re wondering if you still want to do extra and show it to your buyers. Well, you can still decorate your home depending on your chosen theme. However, this guide will help you learn how to sell it while still looking trendy.

As a family, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Celebrating with friends and giving out treats is so much fun! But when people come to visit on Halloween, you want them to be impressed with the home you have in mind for them. It may not bother many people to have Halloween decorations up in their homes while guests are arriving for tours, but sometimes it draws attention away from the highlights of your house that potential buyers actually want to see. You don't want to impress them with your Halloween decorations and then allow them to depart without taking in the lovely views from your living room window, speculating about the size of the closet in your main bedroom, or racking their brains to remember if your stairway had carpet. Keep things subtle while decorating for Halloween while your home is on the market.

Here are some great tips for creating the perfect Halloween-lite look for the home you want to sell!

  1. Outside decoration. We highly encourage decorating your exterior with pumpkins, cornstalks, ghosts, and autumnal colors to reflect the season. However, be cautious while using pumpkins because we don't want them to produce a foul odor as they rot or trip buyers as they enter your home.
  2. Lights. For example, putting up lights for Halloween is a great way to display the exterior of your home and highlight the aspects you wish to emphasize.
  3. Avoiding scary decorations. At this point in time, when you are attempting to sell your home to a family, it is not the right moment to impress people with realistic Halloween decorations; they must still be comfortable with the thought of living there.
  4. Dressing up. Instead of putting up decorations and overdoing it, maybe you may want to take your Halloween spirit to the next level by wearing costumes. It’s so much easier to dispose of, clean, and you may even reuse them in your next home.

In the world of real estate, everyone is looking for that "one-of-a-kind" home on the market that will pass the test of time and still be perceived as beautiful by others. Each decision you make while decorating or showing your home should be carefully thought out so that you can get a positive response from the people who see it.

The most important takeaway is to be tasteful and not excessive, but also to have fun and enjoy the season. The holiday spirit is contagious, and I'm betting that someone will catch it at your home this season. Do not be surprised in the least if you sell before the end of the year.

Contact us today and celebrate the holiday season in your new home!